Pilkington Pyrostop®

Select the best possible fire protection
for your property

PROTECTION : fire resistance (EI)

CLASSIFICATION– Standard NF EN 13501-2 : EI-30 to 180 minutes.

PROPERTIES: glass that absorbs the energy from fire for a set period of time, providing an effective and transparent heat barrier for protection against flames and smoke. Extra clear glass through neutral colour rendering from thicknesses of 23mn upwards.

TYPE OF GLASS : multi-laminated with intumescent dividers

Laminated fire rated glass


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Butt joint glass

Butt joint glass

Pilkington Pyroclear® & Pilkington Pyrostrop®

Laminated fire-resistant glass

Laminated fire-resistant glass

Pilkington Pyrodur®

Tempered flame-retardant glass

Tempered flame-retardant glass

Pilkington Pyroclear®

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Pilkington Pyroclear®

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